Artist's Crew

Noushad Kochi

Shiju Oscar

Vishnu Makeingamark

Vipin Chithralaya

Rashik Vadakara

Hashif Vadakara

Artist Shiju Oscar is the Chief Artist of Big Indian Arts with his long 16 years of experience as an Artist and hails from Perinthalmanna, a small village in Kerala. He specializes in hyper realistic portrait works and has made his own mark on the Wood Carving Wood Sculpture also.

Artist Noushad Kochi is a Speed Painting Performing Artist  and Live Caricature Artist from Fort Kochi, He holds a Degree in Fine Arts  and hosted a number of painting exhibitions. He is the most experienced artist of our firm with 20 years of artistic life. He is a great teacher too that he finds time to share his knowledge to the young artists.

Artist Vishnu Makeingamark is a wonderful personality and a great artist of our firm who specializes in black and white real portraits and model portraits.He also undertakes Visual effects(VFX) projects in Film making.

Anoop Erumeli


Artist Vipin Chithralaya  is a leading figure of big indian arts. He is an all-rounder who does all different varieties of drawing. He holds a Degree in Literature. He was born and brought up in an art family from a village, Tirur.

Rashik Vadakara is the Managing Director and Marketing Manager  of  Big Indian Arts. His long term experience in the field of Business Management in Middle East Countries helps the company to maintain high standard and have consistent growth.

Vivek Shah

Artist Anoop Erumeli is a leading artist of Big Indian Arts. He is able to perform a variety of art forms. He is  specialized in air brush paintings, wall paintings and portrait drawings.

Artist Vivek Shah is a very passionate artist and he is a graduate in Electrical Engineering. He is also mastered in Yoga and meditation and practice them regularly. He has a special talent in performing live caricature and portraits.

Artist Hashif Vadakara is the Founder and Chairman of Big Indian Arts. He is a Speed Painting Performing & Live Caricature Artist. He also specialized in portrait drawing. He started his art career after completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. In a very short span of time he made into an Entrepreneur and renowned Artist in India.

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