Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost for making a drawing?

Ans: Depends on the type of drawing ( portraits, caricature etc. ) & the number of persons included.

How much time does it to make a drawing?

Ans: It takes a minimum of 1 hour for simple drawings and a minimum of 1 day for detailed sketches. ( note: time may vary based on work flow )



How to order a drawing?

whatsapp your photos as document file or send it as e-mail and inform us. make payment in advance via gpay, paytm, phonepay or bank transfer. 


Can we club separate photos into one drawing?

Ans: yes we can. Photos should be of good resolution and matching.

Can you deliver the drawing to our locality?

Ans: yes we do courier our drawings to all possible locations.

Can you recreate old photographs into good drawings?

Ans: Yes, we do. ( provided, the photograph has good quality). Scanned photos can be send through mail.

Can you make funny caricature drawings based on our ideas?

Ans: Yes we do caricatures on varied themes. Else you can select from the samples that we have ( birthday caricatures, couple caricatures, wedding caricature, wedding anniversary caricature, sent off caricature, baby shower caricature etc..).

Is framing done for all the type of drawings?

Ans: yes. Frame are available in International standard sizes

( A4, A3, A2 ).

Can you make drawing for events?

Ans: Yes, we do live caricatures, which are chargeable per hour. for more information contact Mr. Artist Hashif Vadakara : +91-8592079283.

Can you courier drawings along with frame?

Ans: yes. courier and packing charges are additional.

Which size is suite for caricature or portrait drawing?

Ans: we have fixed sizes. A4 size drawing, A3 size drawing, A2 size drawing. Drawings done in bigger size are always adorable.

Which one is better- portraits or caricature?

Ans: portraits are realistic drawings. Caricatures are little bit funny.

Is there gift wrapping available in your store?

Ans: Yes, we do gift wrapping for drawings, which are chargeable.

How should we make payment for the drawings?

Ans: you can make payments through google pay, phone pay, paytm or bank deposit.

How much amount should be pay in advance for drawings and frames?

Ans: Complete payment mandatory for couriered drawings ( including courier charge ). Half payment in advance for rest of the customers.

Will you do Oil painting, water color, wall painting etc?

Ans: Yes, we do.

What is the durability of your drawings (Art works)?

Ans: A minimum of 25 years is guaranteed for portraits and caricatures, provided it is well maintained.



Will you teach drawings?

Ans: yes, you can purchase art tutorials which will be available soon in the printed format.

What are the topics covered in the tutorial?

Ans: topics related to how to start a drawing, how to draw portrait, how to shade, how to colourin different mediums, how to become a portrait and caricature artist, live drawing etc.

Whether we get printed works or original art works?

Ans: we provide 100% hand made drawings. No printed documents are provided.

Which material you are using for making drawings?

Ans: you can refer directly from our books.

Whether any discounts are available for drawings that we purchase?

Ans: discounts available depending on the offer period.

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